The New Lotus Evija in Los Angeles, CA

Evija About Galpin

The Lotus Evija is a true Lotus, in that it elegantly balances stunning aesthetic forms with ingenious technical solutions to create a beautiful car with innovative design features. It will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage and pave the way for further visionary models.

Russell Carr - Design Director
Find out more about the new Lotus Evija at Gapin Lotus in Los Angeles, CA. The Lotus Evija is the latest release from Lotus and is the first British all-electric hypercar, delivering close to a staggering 2,000-horsepower. The new Lotus Evija is also the lightest electric vehicle hypercar in production weighing a mere 1,680 KG (just over 3,700 lbs). The max speed is over 200 MPH with a driving range of roughly 250 miles. Aerodynamics is a key feature of the car’s performance. The shape was designed to slip through the air while using controlled downforce from the rear spoiler to keep it glued to the road. The Evija doesn’t even have side mirrors, instead, it utilizes front wing cameras that automatically deploy when the doors are unlocked.
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